Games & Play

We are a user-centred learning community located in the Department of Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology. We facilitate societal change using playful technologies, game design and game data.
Ken Koontz smiling. Students working on paper prototypes in the front.

Learn what we are passionate about by exploring our themes.

Playful Learning

Within the Playful Learning theme, students will develop tools for teachers and students of primary schools and design tangible play environments to support social play of children.
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The theme Hyperreality integrates modern virtual reality and mixed reality technologies to create game worlds that stimulate learning and empathy in a motivating way.
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Digital Twins

Digitaltwins enable new data-driven design processes and can allow designers todevelop new forms of services that have not been possible without Digital twins
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A group of three students playing car games, smiling.

We're all about the power of play.

We leverage playful technologies, game design, and game data.

There's no better way to engage people than through a playful mindset.

We facilitate societal change through digital and tangible solutions.

Touch it. Turn it. Twist it. Nothing better than engaging playfully with complex topics.

We work with play data to better understand users.

Play is power, and during gameplay we generate lots of data. We aim to design play to understand people.
Mitchell Jacobs pointing at a projection showing a design process. Seated students in the front.

We know exactly how important the user is.

We work with you to teach you design skills, to strengthen your portfolio, and to explore the power of play. Our designs are most powerful when we understand our users. We support you in working with clients, end-users, and experts—to get to the right design and the design right.
Designing for Games and Play
Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
User-centred Design
Physical, Digital, and Virtual Reality

We're working with dedicated educators and experienced  experts to support design and research projects.

succesfull projects every semester
experts ready to share their knowledge
students happy to work with us every year

We love design.

In the discover phase, you will learn about the basics of the challenge you'll address over the term.
When getting to the exploration phase, your priority is to define a challenge or a research question through primary and secondary research, prototyping, exploration, and observation.
Student looking up smiling. Prototyping material in the front.
In this phase you expend your ideas, redefine a research plan, explore the feasibility of your plans and outline a concrete plan of action.
In a design semester your focus will be on building, testing, and iterating on your prototype, continuously learning through design.
In a research semester you leverage your prototype to gain deeper insights about a societal topic.

We are keen on making new friends.

Games and play is an eclectic mix of academics, practitioners, diverse clients, and aspiring students on all levels. We have backgrounds in industrial design, computer science, psychology, human-computer interaction, and engineering. We speak publicly, organize events, coach students, and innovate games and play. We are happy to collaborate, engage, and are always eager to ask novel questions that deserve an answer.

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